The object of my affection. Futbol during World Cup 2010.

Have you ever watched the World Cup? I mean really?!

Having lived in the US for so long, I don't really remember having any interest in watching soccer. I got into baseball and football but never into soccer.

Could it be because of my surroundings? I somehow believe that it is definitely due to that. How did I find out?

During the last couple of years, I did extensive traveling between Europe and Asia. During the times when the FIFA World Cup is on, I was either in Europe or Asia - - - and let me tell you - - in those countries, the World Cup is as important as the air they breathe. At one point, I was in Germany and Germany was doing well that year. I had to buy some "soccer paraphernalia" because I got so excited with them.

It is contagious and what makes it more interesting more me are the hot guys who play soccer (or futbol if you're in Brazil).

Here are some of the guys!


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