It's a great weekend here folks! The weather is excellent!

The weather is finally cooperating.  After days of rain here on the east coast, we are finally getting the warm weather that will allow for shorts and tank tops.

It was the perfect day to run around doing errands as well.  I went to the nursery around the corner from my house and bought a few plants to get started in my garden.

I bought a couple of Boston ferns, a red geranium, and a full flat tray of impatiens.  I just finished planting and dang, it looks nice.  I know - it sounds a bit gay but I love gardening.  It's hard for me to grow anything else other than those types that I just bought.  Sometimes, I can even kill cactus.

But, you know what hot weather means.  I have a neighbor who is a body builder and sometimes during the summer, he walks his black lab around the neighborhood while he is shirtless.  It makes me wonder sometimes.  Do straight guys really walk around shirtless in any neighborhood?  I love my neighbors.  LOL!


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