Sunday - Happy Sunday! My Perfect Guys - Hunky Male Model Nathan Owens

I was uber happy today when I rediscovered a long lost friend that I had since 2009.  He simply disappeared for two and a half years.  For some reason, he closed all his email accounts, social media accounts and won't even answer any of my phone calls.

I was devastated because I really like him a lot.  We used to have nice talks online in the evenings.  We laughed a lot and joked a lot.  

I haven't asked him just yet why he felt the need to hide from everyone.  I probably would not dare ask him.  I am simply glad that he's back in my life and we are interacting as if nothing happened in the past two and a half years.  

One day, I'm sure that we will see each other again.  I really want to see him again.

Thank God he's back.  My status right now on all my social media accounts?  "HAPPY!"

Have a great week everyone!

Give me some time. I will be back at the gym.

I haven't gone back to the gym since I was operated on last December. Somehow, when the doctor told me to not lift anything heavy for the next couple of months - I decided not to be a good patient and followed his orders.

Well, it's been six months now since I was allowed to work out "lightly", and I still haven't gone back to the gym. I am envious every time I see people running around the park or doing bootcamp exercises.

I will go back to the gym. No doubt about that. The question is when!

School starts again in a couple of weeks - let's hope I get the energy before then!

Happy Sunday Folks!

I hope that there are no dramas in your life. Life is too short to react to all the drama in the world.

Can't everybody just get along?

Have a great Sunday!!!